The Best Time to Buy

The Best Time to Buy

Looking to update your home with some new appliances? Want to spruce up your bedroom with a new comforter and sheets? Need to replace that slowpoke computer sometime this year? Then read on, because for many big-ticket items — and some smaller necessities as well — there is definitely a right time to buy.

After the rush of the holiday season, stores must clear the shelves to make space for spring items that are arriving. And big-ticket items that sold well during the winter holidays are often off-season in January. Take advantage of finite space and shop for:
• Toys — leftovers from the holidays
• Winter clothes — making room for spring fashions
• Furniture — new styles ship in February
• Bedding and towels — white sales generally happen around the presidential birthdays celebrated this month

• Video games — new releases came out for the holidays; by now they’re old news, and ready to go on sale
• Boats — new models come out soon and dealers need to clear their stock
• TVs — the Super Bowl is coming, and electronics dealers want to move some older inventory
• Cameras — again, new models are arriving and the old ones should be available at a deep discount
• Frozen foods — it’s National Frozen Food Month! Expect sales and coupons galore
• Luggage — it’s not the summer vacation tizzy, nor is it cruise time or even spring break — it’s off season everywhere!

• Vacuum cleaners — new models come out in June
• Cruises — it’s not a popular time to go, so deep discounts can be found
• Running/sports shoes — sales and coupons abound as sports stores take aim at serious runners

• Refrigerators — new models are released in May
• Mattress sets — as with refrigerators, new models are coming out and the old must go

• Think Father’s Day and beach bodies.
• Tools and hardware — they go on sale in anticipation of Father’s Day
• Gym memberships and home gym equipment — the New Year’s resolution people have finally gotten around to cancelling their memberships and true fitness buffs are outside

• Paint — because who paints when it’s this hot?
• Computers — get ready for back-to-school savings

• As we move from summer to fall, families prepare to send the kids back to school. Just like in January, stores must make space for the next season’s items.
• Back-to-school supplies — yep, they really are a better deal right before school starts
• Swimsuits and summer fashions — fall fashions are already shipping
• Outdoor toys — we’re talking trampolines, swing sets and the like

• New models of bikes, big appliances, and cars are flooding into stores, and the old styles are deeply discounted.
• Outdoor furniture — stores need space to move in holiday items

• Air conditioners — the demand for repairs and installs slows dramatically, to your advantage
• Jeans — jeans generally get a discount in October
• Toys — holiday sales start now; if you can’t stand the crowds, shop early

• Candy — post-Halloween sales are great (if you don’t mind the orange-and-black wrappers)
• Electronics — Black Friday and Cyber Monday: ’nuff said
• Christmas trees — buy before the rush starts December 1

• TVs — probably even better than the February sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are TV-shopping dream dates
• Champagne — after flat sales the rest of the year, suddenly competition turns fierce, to your advantage!
At all times of the year
• Fruits and vegetables — make sure you know what’s in season and when, and buy during those times. They’ll taste better and they’ll cost less too!
• Opposites are ideal — pools and air conditioners in November, snow blowers in summer: this is when you get the deals

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