Real Estate Trade Show

Greater Las Vegas Real Estate Trade Show and Expo

September 22, 2016


September 22, 2016

10am - 4pm

Located at the Orleans Casino in the Mardi Gras Ballroom.
Admission is free.

Vendor booths are available:

For more information contact Mike:
Phone: 702-526-4059

We pride ourselves in helping every agent learn more about this industry and will give them tools to earn more money. Come to this event to find your perfect partners in your real estate business.


Meet hundreds of vendors that will make your real estate profession that much easier.


When you are in real estate, politics becomes important.  We will have current assemblymen and senators present so they can hear what is important to us!


Let’s face it. We can all learn a little bit more to take our business to a higher level. We will have 5 hour long seminars that will improve your real estate business.

Contact us today for more information:


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