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Nevada's Finest Properties

Nevada's Finest Properties

Established in 2006, Nevada’s Finest Properties, LLC was by created by Amy and Mike Groves.  Amy and Mike are entrepreneurs who are extremely passionate about all of the elements real estate has to offer. Over the years, the company has incorporated homeowners association management services, property management services for investors and even do two trade shows every year! In 2014 Amy and Mike added the RE/MAX name to theirs.  RE/MAX is the #1 real estate franchise in the country and they are very happy to be a part of their network!  Whether you want to flip it, live in it, sell it, invest in it, make money in it, or just be a part of the facility management, Nevada’s Finest Properties, LLC are the partners you have been looking for!

Amy Groves


Phone: 702 982-2587
Email: amy@nevadasfinestproperties.com

The founder of the company, Amy is a California native that chose to make Las Vegas her home in 2003.  She holds a Brokers licenses in real estate, property management and a Supervisory Community Management license.  Amy started her career as a real estate agent and a house flipper, both of which she still does today. It has always been our desire to offer great service and by having great employees, we aim to be the leader in outstanding customer service.  As the President of this company, Amy has gotten more involved in politics for Nevada.  Our state has become so regulated in HOA’s and real estate and many laws have had bad, unintended consequences.  Nevada’s Finest Properties, LLC stays involved so we can do the best job possible for our clients.

Mike Groves


Phone: 702-526-4059
Email: mike@nevadasfinestproperties.com

Mike is a retired Army soldier who started his military career being drafted into the Vietnam conflict.  Once he retired, he got the license to manage HOA’s and currently holds the Supervisory Community Association License.  Mike will be the first one to say that our industry has many problems and by working together we can make it a better place!

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